Monday, September 11, 2006

'We Will Never Forget'

Someday, in a million years, I will have children.

And at some point they're going to ask me about this day.

What were you doing, mommy? Where were you?

I've asked similar questions of my mother, about the moon landing and the JFK assassination, even the fall of The Wall.

I was really young during the Persian Gulf and Desert Storm. All I remember is night vision flashes on TV and yellow ribbons tied around trees.

But not this time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

I had an 8am class. The only 8am class I ever had in college. Finance 361, Risk Management & Insurance.

8:46am, 7:46 CDT, I was having breakfast in the dining hall when the first plane hit.

9:03am, 8:03 CDT, I was walking to class, already running late when the second plane hit.

9:43am, 8:43 CDT, American Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon
10:05am, 9:05 CDT the South Tower collapses.
10:10am, 9:10 CDT United Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania, and part of the Pentagon collapses.

I had class until 9:15. I still have the notes from that day.

10:28 am, 9:28 CDT, I went to a computer lab to check email and maybe play some Yahoo! Pool . . . maybe homework, but those details escape me...

10am CDT, I had a math class. Linear Algebra I think.

11am CDT, I arrive at my Accounting 284 class. It's in a large lecture hall with a balcony.

The teacher is frantic. She's crying. I had no idea what was going on, neither did everyone else.

For those of you that haven't heard, there's been an attack on New York.

She went on to tell us that her mother lives there.

But she's ok, I talked to her. She said she saw the whole thing. Go home, all of you. We'll worry about homework and class work later.

It was surreal.

I left in a daze, could this really be happening?

I don't remember walking back to my dorm.

Big O told me that campus was quiet that morning.

When I got back to Friley, everyone had their TVs on, their doors open.

Wide-eyed stares, people crying. I heard my roommate on the phone with her parents.

It made me feel helpless and disconnected.

I was in my own little world of Iowa State, I didn't read 'real' newspapers very often, even though they were free and all over the place. I had no idea what was going on in the outside world.

The whole thing didn't seem real until I actually went to New York City in July 2004. When you see the skyline in person and how there's a hole where the Towers used to be. This is where it actually happened, it wasn't just something I saw on TV.

I didn't personally know anyone that was there, but it sill makes a lump rise in my throat and my eyes tear up when I think about it.

We all lost some innocence that day and it should never be forgotten.

What will you tell your children?


Clerk said...

I don't think they will ever forget already. I haven't talked to them "lately" about this event. We will see what they say this evening. Maybe some day all the answers will be known.

ATLLG said...

WOW.... that post made me feel OLD ontop of sadden...

ditto to clerks post...

Spicy Little Pi said...

OH ATL! Why old?!

Maybe all the answers will be known someday...maybe not, maybe the truth behind what happend that day is something we don't want to know.

ATLLG said...

gee.. I don't know. Maybe because I was WAY outta school..( I can brag to my credit that most folks miss-guess my age by about 10-12 years so )

corrupted_hockey_fan said...

GOOD post! We both took a break from twisted kink today huh?

Spicy Little Pi said...

wellwell ATL you conceited older man you! it's ok, the dirty old men are always welcome here ;)

it's a nice break from the norm, i think!

back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. . .

sadsack said...

spicy. It would have been a different experience for an American. It was very harsh and mind-boggling for me from Canada, but from your own
nevertheless, it still attacks our way of life in the West

Tayster said...

I was working for an FM radio morning show. Just a bunch of yahoos cracking jokes and laughing at our own jokes.

Then we got a phone call telling us that a plane hit the tower. While we're on the phone with this listener, she screams, "Another plane just hit!"

I run down to our newsroom and watch the events unfold on all four of the major networks and try to report these events to our listeners without breaking down like a baby and bawling my eyes out.

I called my wife, told her I love her & that I would be home as soon as I could. I told her to get our one-year-old daughter and hold her tight.

And then I cried until I couldn't cry anymore.

Spicy Little Pi said...

i don't know which is worse, watching it all live or going about like nothing is happening and missing it.

i wouldn't have been able to report it, i think either i wouldn't have been able to speak or i would've broken down.