Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Birthday Outing

Last Friday, one of my best friends, Naked Hummus, turned 27.

We had to celebrate.

Meaning we had to get DRUNK.

We had a goal: Get him as drunk as Pi was on her 23rd. (don't ask)

The Players at the Beginning of The Night:

Big Dan

A long time friend of the Naked Hummus, he drove down from Marshalltown to join us.

In college, Big Dan was a drinking Champion.

Big O

He is bound to Naked Hummus by a mutual hatred of the Sammich Shoppe

We didn't know the Big O in college . . .

He used to be smart and even went to Cambridge for a year.

The Pi

A Sammich Shoppe Co-worker of all involved

Good Friend and Authority of All That is Female in the group

Usually the first to Wasted.

And, The Birthday Boy

'Always keep a spare set of shorts and jeans in your truck'

He learned that one the hard way!

I caught him mid-yawn on this one.

Let's rumble.

The night began at Buzzard Billy's. A Cajun Joint.

Big Dan: We'll all be lucky to make it out of the bar without shitting our pants!

Maybe he's right. Whatever.

As per the usual, conversation turned to making fun of our buddy Schteven.

Schteven is lost in the folds of The Flesh Pyramid that is his girlfriend. (rumor has it fiancee)

We haven't seen Schteven much since The Goat Incident.

The boys were hanging, giving him a hard time...when Naked Hummus busted out the insult...

Damn Steve, she looks like a Goat. Take that bitch back to the zoo!

And a laugh was had by all.

Schteven, in all his skinny/squirrelly man wisdom, went home and told her all about it.

Everything. Even the goat comment.

After much yelling they made up.

The next day, they went to the zoo!

I digress . . .

Other disgusting tales from college surfaced as Big Dan and Naked Hummus were roommates in Towers.

A double mini-fridge stack. A 5 gallon bucket of ice cream forgotten...

Did you know that ice cream ferments if you let it sit? Not to mention smells like shit.

After discovering the spoiled, separated, and fermented 5 quart bucket of ice cream, they did what any disgusted college student would do.

They tossed it.

Out the window.

It splattered all over the sidewalk and a few dozen bikes. It just so happened to be an orientation day er something, so people were being marched through it all day!


The night continued at The Hessen Haus.

There was a blues band playing.

Free flowing German beer.

And then we started taking pictures. . .

And blogger is being a BIG FAT BITCH right now, so I'll complete this later/tomorrow...


RyeGuy said...

my roommate just tossed shit out the window... I guess he didn't want to wait for the ice-cream to ferment.

Spicy Little Pi said...

prolly a good thing. . .