Thursday, September 14, 2006

She's Different

So I went bowling last night. Someone told me they had an open spot on a league team for me.

They didn't.

So I chatted up the owner.

After about 20 minutes they found a team that needed a sub...

They said it wouldn't cost me anything...

Hell yeah.

So I bowled with 4 older a thin smoker like my gramma, another with the face of a dog, and two heavy sisters.

They were nice people. At first I wasn't sure what to expect.

They like to drink beer.

They smoke Virginia Slims.

They make dirty jokes.

We played poker the whole night, make a mark and draw a card.

I got an earful of a life story from the one lady. Interesting.

OwnerMan said I should check out the Thursday night league, lots of younger single people in that one.

Sure, why not . . . I'm in a new town and a little short on friends, couldn't hurt.

So I went back tonight and scoped it out.

I left with paperwork to be a Cocktail Waitress 2 nights a week.

I've never been a waitress.
But I'm pretty sure I can strut around a bowling alley and carry bottles and pitchers of beer.

They pay minimum wage and I get to keep all my tips.

(I get to wear whatever I want, any suggestions?)

Tuesday night is a Full House. 36 lanes of 4-5 people. . .

And bowlers like to drink.

I may have hit a jackpot.

And I get to join a New Family. (awww)

After I got home and pulled into my spot in the garage I decided, on a whim, to clean out the car.

So I left the music blasting, doors open....drag a trash can over...

I'm pitching stuff left n right, really getting into it...

Bustin' a move to some Jamiroquai

On my hands and knees in the back seat...Booty shaking out the back door...

I come up with some stuff to toss, and there's an older guy a few cars down staring at me...

(awkward moment)


He just kinda shook his head and walked off.

I knew I shoulda been embarassed...but I just giggled instead.

Whatever. If old men don't like watching me shake my ass while cleaning my car, they can fuck off!

(now that i'm bowling again i might have to re-hash this post . . .)


RyeGuy said...

jamiroquai? who listens to jamiroquai?

oh yeah, I do.


I also had an older guy shake his head at me the other day, but that's cuz I was drumming on my lawn mower, not cuz my booty was shaking out the back door.

although, if my lawn mower had a back door, it might mean that job would go a lot faster...

ATL LG said...

I still have my first athletic "team" uniform... my bowling shirt...scary...

Hell the old guy must have been gay. I would have stuck around and watched.

Have a great weekend!

Spicy Little Pi said...

Rye-if you could afford a lawn mower with a back door, you wouldn't have to do it yourself!

SWEET ATL! Is it the brightly colored kind with 2 black stripes on the front?

Neil said...

I'd have liked to see the washing of the car while booty shaking.

ATL LG said...

nah... It's white with the litte front pocket and a Coca-Cola logo on the back..

Spicy Little Pi said...

Is it polyester? Coke logo, damn, were you sponsored?

lol thanks neil :)

corrupt_hockey_fan said...

Bright colours, to draw attention.


And you've hit the jackpot.

Spicy Little Pi said...

right, tight pink, low cut top should be about right...

i really really want to wear heels, but i don't want to kill myself either!

corrupted_hockey_fan said...

Good plan on the heels.

Pink always attracts men, just go for the right kinds!