Friday, September 08, 2006

Pork makes it alllll better

Last night I became aware of A Little Slice of Heaven that exists in that wonderful town of Madison, Wisconsin.

All whilst enjoying some
free Warsteiner, german food, and seeing my boss in Lederhosen.(It was a fantastic opportunity to take some embarassing pictures.)

That Slice o'Heaven is called:

Bacon & Beer Night.

Bacon + Beer = Awesome.


Whoever thought that up is a genius. (or got a good deal on a gross of about-to-expire bacon)

Screw peanuts and popcorn.

Give me a big plate of Greasy Bacon.

Think about it, if you're sitting in a bar, drinking some beer, and you had a plate 'o bacon on your table, you'd eat it without hesitation.

AHEM Free Bacon, that is.

I know I would.

I love bacon.

Gettin sloppy on beer, greasy fingers...might want to sit out of that dart tournament.

And wear a smock.

Mmmm Bacon Breath.

That's hot.

The guy that actually experienced Bacon & Beer night SWORE he must've eaten '30 or 40 pieces of bacon.'


He was prolly sweatin grease for days. . .

All the while attracting flies, stray dogs, and small children.


corrupted_hockey_fan said...

Bacon's heaven. Beer is paradise...I really need to try the two together don't I?

Spicy Little Pi said...

sounds like a good idea for a night in with friends...maybe i'll try it!