Saturday, September 09, 2006

Welcome Home!

Everything was going just fine today...

Then I came home.

Working at the Sammich Shoppe was cake, a dash of bowling, and then a nice stint at GoodWill to find something ridiculous to wear to work Monday (I'll get to that later...)

Hit the food shack, and on my way home, I see an emergency vehicle behind me, like WAAYYY behind me.

shrug. no worries.

Next thing I know that thing, which happened to be a fire chief vehicle, zipped by and did what?

Turned down my street.

There are plenty of apartment buildings on that street...

Get closer to the complex...not only is the chief's SUV there, but also an ambulance and a couple of fire trucks.

Fucking great.

Thought process: I don't see any smoke. I hope the cats are ok. Hope I can get into my apartment. I don't want my food to spoil...

(opens the door, pulls into the underground garage. )

People could be BURNING ALIVE and I'm worried about my milk turning and lettuce wilting!!

Priorities, people, PRIORITIES.

Obviously the elevator wasn't working, so I had to haul my shit up the stairs...the fire alarm was blaring.

How annoying.

The old people were meddling.

What a surprise.

It smelled like someone burned a whole case of popcorn.


The firemen come out of a hallway that isn't mine.

Oh, ok.

The staff is trying to herd the oldies into a different part of the building.

But our sitting area is over HERE.

Ma'am we're going to have to ventilate this hallway, that means lots of large, noisy fans.

I went to get my mail...

Firemen are FUCKING HUGE up close and in their suits...

That's HOTT. (extra 't' hawt)

I squeezed by like it was no big deal to have 30 people standing around in a stinky haze surrounded by firemen in full gear.

I'm pretty sure they gawked at me like I was crazy.

No, not crazy, just PMSing.

I couldn't care least now I get to think about Hott Firemen.


Spicy Little Pi said...

y'know if people are determined to burn the building down i should prolly invest in some renter's insurance...

ATL LG said...

Good Idea...

Now what about my favorite place to shop....GoodWill

( I had to build a quick and cheap costume. But also scored a brand new RL Polo Shirt for $ friends hate that I say I shop for clothes there )

Spicy Little Pi said...

I'll explain that later...or tomorrow...