Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Das Boot

I love German Beer.

And playing DAS BOOT.

If you haven't been to a German bar that has it available, weep.

Weep now.

A 2-liter Glass Boot full of the Bier of your choice . . .

Some edumacation:

The Rules:

1. The Boot may not touch the table, if it does, you buy the next one!

2. The Toe of the Boot must always point away from the drinker

3. You have to drink as much as you can!

4. If the Bier splashes the Drinker in the face, drink again!

5. The Boot must be flicked before passing it

6. The Boot must be passed clockwise

7. If the person you passed the boot to finishes it, you buy the next one!

We had about 10-12 people drinking from the boot . . .

MMmmm Bacteria-laden BEER

That whole not splashing in the face thing is REALLY HARD to avoid once you've gotten down to the top of the foot and have already been drinking. . .

The Hessen Haus, where we were enjoying Das Boot, has a limit of 3 rounds per group.

That's CRAP

We could've been WAY drunker . . . the first 2 boots didn't quite make it around the circle.

The 3rd Boot came around TWICE

(losers, I did my part. . .)

The chick that finished it, well...she wasn't feeling too hot and ran to the bathroom...

I drank so much ice-cold beer my TEETH hurt.


Cap the weekend off with a party at the Gay Bar and running into my boss's boss from the samich shoppe. . .

Houston, we have GAY CONFIRMATION.
(he was walking around like one of those creepy older gay guys, too, i think he was wearing a windbreaker...)


corrupted_hockey_fan said...

Did you have to buy many boots?

Nothing beats the good old Irish guiness...

Mike said...

hahaha i loved this story.

we used to do jager boots (glasses were a bit smaller) all the time:

1) 1 bottle of beer
2) 1 boot glass
3) 2 shot glasses of jager dropped in

as soon as you hear the clunk of glass hitting the bottom, drink.

Spicy Little Pi said...

jager in beer?! in all my years of college drunkeness and beyond i have never tried it...

I didn't have pay for a boot! I put a damn good dent in it so the people after me had to worry about passing it to the finisher!

Those things cost $18...which is pretty good for how much you get...guiness is a tad too heavy for the pi! LOVE the wheat beer =9

corrupted_hockey_fan said...

I'm becoming like the Irish what can I say!