Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Cheese Continues...

I give you The Wall of Appreciation.

You're Welcome.

This team-building pile of steaming CRAP has invaded a much beloved blank wall in the Break Room.

On Friday we all get to take down the slips with our names on them - so we have constant reminders of all the great ways our co-workers appreciate us.

I fear I'll have less than 3.(jerks)

We also got to sit and listen to a 'motivational speaker' for an hour and a half.

Gotta say, I'm not really inspired.

The whole Five Fun Days continues, with mixed reviews.

Today is Hawaiian Day.

So if you have a Hawaiian Shirt, feel free to wear it.

There was a lei on my chair when I arrived.

We had Hawaiian Pizza for lunch.

There's a LIMBO CONTEST at 2:30.

Oh boy, I sure do feel appreciated.

That movie, Office Space . . . I'm totally living it.

And apparently my Office Space Character is

I would LOVE to gut a fish in my cubicle!

Wanna take this stupid quiz? Go ahead.

I've been booted from 25peeps. I think I made it 5 days. I was doing so well and then POOF!


corrupted_hockey_fan said...

Shirt looks good.

Wall of appreciation...LMAO.

I'd put myself on some site like that but that requires work and..well that and me don't mix.

Uncle Buck said...

Pi, wrap the lei around your ankle and when people ask why you have a lei around your ankle look confused then look at your ankle and say..."Oh, did that slip down there again!?"

Spicy Little Pi said...

i demand a recount 25peeps! (whatever, suck it)

the shirt is actually the Big O's. (XL)

maybe i should stop hula dancing after i've slathered baby oil all over the place, then i'd stop losing my lei...

ATL LG said...

You should have worn the Hawaiian shirt with a grass skirt!

Who says you can't sit at home scribble on several different Post-It Note packs with your non-natural writing hand and then go into the office really early or stay late and post them up? Oh, did I just give away to secret method of my last promo. oops.

Spicy Little Pi said...

hah that's a good idea, write all kinds of great stuff about ME.

...ok i know i'd end up writing something like 'i appreciate how so-and-so uses the air freshener in the bathroom' and 'i appreciate ____ for making me feel better by being so incompetent'