Thursday, September 21, 2006

I got my soldier!

I'm proud to say that I have adopted a US Soldier!

It took almost 2 months to be accepted, but I'm in!

Now I'm going to write a letter every week
and send a care package once a month!

I'll be doing a great big thing for Christmas so if you know any deployed soldiers and have ideas let me know!

mmmm mmm always loved a man in uniform :o)


Anonymous said...

Home cooking most men love..condoms for all those hot Iraqi women...

Spicy Little Pi said...

i would LOVE to send some home-cookin' over, but I don't think it'll keep for the 3-4 week shipping time! bummer.

As for condoms, I'll have to get the variety pack with all the flavors and sizes...wait they aren't supposed to be bonin' iraqis! or each other! damn.

maybe some nudey mags and lube would be better....

Dustin said...

good for you.
..sorry if you get one of my friends though

i still cant get over the color here. You're insane. I love it ;)

Mike said...

send him a cyanide pill

at least label it that, but just send an alka-seltser!

Spicy Little Pi said...

haha mike you freak!

thank dustin :) It was too boring without the color...just not ME.

Anonymous said...

Nudes and lubes :P

The new slogan for them to get through deployment!

Deadpool said...

send porn and or shots of you naked...soldiers love that shit.