Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sshhhh, I'm 'Working'

There are men repaving the parking lot.

I'm fascinated.

Obviously the work I am sorta doing isn't exactly challenging, nor is it interesting.

So I stare out the window.


They aren't even HAWT Asphalt workers.

They're mostly Mexicans. (go figure)

I'm not sure about the newspapers everywhere else, but the Des Moines Register has been reporting a whole lot of STEAMY CRAP this week.

The front page story is some shit about some guy that is bi-polar and how his neighbors 'live in fear' and the cops have been called to the neighborhood so many times in so many years.

He even has his picture on it.

A huge one.

And then it eats up all of page 6.

So fucking what.

There's a nutball living not too far from me and people are making a stink about it.

They already banned the child molesters.

I guess the Bi-polars are next.

In other noteworthy news Justin Timberlake has many faces.

This shit story on the front page of the Entertainment & Life section.

Stories like these are eating away what could-have-been-precious-moments of newspaper reading.

God forbid they report something RELEVANT.


Uncle Buck said...

Don't make fun of the media...grrr

Spicy Little Pi said...

sshhh i'm exercising my first amendment rights....

corrupted_hockey_fan said...

Weird what papers write about. I thought about being a journalist at one time, but could never stand such trivial crap so that was out!